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Walu G. Gondwe
Name: Walusungu Gonamulonga Gondwe

Position: Director/Networking Engineer

Proffessional Qualification: Bsc Computer Science

Interests: DNS, Routing, Network Security, Linux, CIDR, IPV4/IPV6, Systems Development

Walu G. Gondwe, together with Sam Manthalu, founded TechEra IT Consultants in January 2008 soon after graduating from college. Initialy, they targeted middle-sized to small organizations including individuals living in, and around the city of Lilongwe, helping them with day-to-day computer problems.

A fourth born if a family of five, Walusungu has special interest in Computer Networks and Unix, partly due to the nature of the posts he has held in a number of organisations. He has vast experience in Systems Engineering, IT training and network administration.

His skills include programming (C++, C, PHP, Visual Basic, Shell Scripting, QT4), Website & Web applications development (HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, Ajax), database design and implementation (MySQL, MS Access), networking and network services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS, HTTP, Routing, Security) and Graphics designing.


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