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Sam Manthalu
Name: Sam Manthalu

Position: Director/Chief Systems Analyst

Proffessional Qualification: Bsc Computer Science

Interests:Database modeling & Optimization, Programming, Web Application development

A keen software developer and systems analyst, Sam has been involved in a number of big projects, especially in the govenment sector. He joined TechEra soon after its inception and he has pioneered a number of activities in the company since then.

His main intrest are software development, database design and implementation and systems administration. He has gained vast experience in systems analysis and programming through his time as a Systems Analyst/Programmer with P.V.H.O Malawi. His porfolio of programming languages include C++, VB 8.0, VB 9.0, Asp.Net, PHP, MySQL and HTML.

In addition to his proffessional interests, Sam is also a big fan of music and plays a guitar and piano.


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