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IT is affecting almost every facet of human endeavor by, among other things, simplifying and speeding up processes of work, innovation, education and research. Hence, to effectively compete on the market, it is mandatory for every business to fully embrace IT in its operations. TechEra focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives. Further to providing advice, we implement, deploy, and administer IT solutions on businesses' behalf.

The company was registered on 22nd January 2008 as a partnership, equally owned by computer specialists; Mr. Walusungu G. Gondwe, Mr. Sam Manthalu and John Paul Nyereka

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to offer IT related advice, products and services to individuals and organisations, helping them meet their bussiness objectives. Our long term goal is to be the first locally owned IT solutions company that will not only serve companies, organizations and individuals nationwide helping them with automation, but also create a wide range of employment opportunities for people at all levels of expertise in the IT industry.

Company Profile

Company name:




Business type:

IT Consultants

Date established:

3rd January 2008

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